Who wears Short Shorts?!

What says “summer” more than a pair of cutoff denim shorts? The options in creating a cool casual look in cutoffs endless! A simple tshirt and cutoffs are cute but I adore dressing them up abit and having fun with sight lines of short shorts and longer top.

Here’s a few pintrest outfits I love that are completely chic yet casual. I prefer a slightly longer short but the overall look is easy to pull together even likely from your existing wardrobe- Jean shorts, heels tank/tshirt, necklace and complete piece- kimono or blazer. Stay cool 😎


Floral meets Stripes

I love combining patterns- stripes and florals has been done to death but it’s my favourite goto combo. This navy outfit is classic yet contemporary- I plan to wear it to work. Keeping the background the same colour with only a pop of gold in shoes and bag- it allows the outfit to flow and go together.


Pants- jules&leopold

Shirt- #faith&joy

Shoes- #townshoes

Bag- #ralphlauren

Spring has finally SPRUNG! 

It almost passed us by but spring is finally here…just in time for summer! Time to finally bust out the spring clothes. I love cotton clothes, while they can be a tad finicky with wrinkles, shrinkage and little to no give- they are the most breathable and comfy fabric when the heat is on. This pairing of a cotton Eyelet shirt and pinstripe chambray skirt are perfect together; I imagine picnics by a large oak tree in this cute outfit. It’s a great combo for spring 🐣

Business Class

I have some big meetings next week and haven’t posted any work looks lately, so thought I would post an office look fir you gals. This time of year is challenging for business wear- is it winter? Is it spring? Bare legs and flats or tights and boots? Sometimes you need both on the same day!

This simple green (spring) stealth dress is comfortable and polished- I paired it with cute leopard flats for a pop of pattern. But could easier be paired with tights and boots in the event of snow.


  • Dress- #H&M
  • Shoes- #ivankatrump
  • Bag- #karllagerfeld

Green with Envy

With St. Paddy’s Day around the corner here’s a fun twist on a blazer and jeans combo. The blazer is super colourful and with a green base and floral print you have your bases covered and won’t get pinched 🍀 paired with a simple base of black sweater, jeans and a pop of red with the shoe. Enjoy your night!

Is it Spring yet??

I am sooooo ready for spring- this snow can beat it!! In the meantime, I’ll be here plotting and planning my spring looks! This is a more transitional outfit- but requires minimal snow to work. Long sleeves, wool hat say winter- bare shoulders and ballet flats say spring. Perfectly balanced and adorable!


  • Shirt- #nytt
  • Jeans- #jcrew
  • Hat and bag- #ralphlauren
  • Shoes- #lord&taylor

Last Blast of Winter OOTD

Well, nothing says March in Edmonton like SNOW ❄️ and lots of it. So what’s a girl to do when she is dying to dress in new spring looks but has to pull together an outfit for a blizzard instead…well faux fur is a good place to start. I got his cute beige/rose gold jacket at end of season thought I would save it until next year but opportunity knocks tonight! A jacket this bold and with lots of volume requires symmetry- so the outfit is all sleek all black sweater/dress and leggings. A pop of gold on the necklace pairs nicely with the gold piping in the bag. Cute wool hat to top it all off. Perfect winter look for a night out.


  • Faux fur jacket- #carolinabelle
  • Sweater- #cyrus
  • Leggings- #twik
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Boots #ninewest
  • Hat- #ralphlauren