Spring Lookbook- Fresh as a Daisy


Outfit Of The Day- While the weather is definitely not cooperating here, I am already planning what I will wear when it warms up! Here’s a bright look- I love a bold print and colour, so I have created a look that is fresh as a daisy.

Top- #Forever21
Skirt- #Marshall’s
Heels- #Forever21
Necklace- #hudsonsbay
Earrings- #h&m
Watch- #DKNY
Bag- DeLux- #winners







Killer Curves! Dressing Hourglass Honeys


Killer Curves! Hourglass honeys celebrate your curves because hourglass is considered the most ideal body type! The different body types that exist, the hourglass has the best proportions – with upper and lower half approximately in line with each other, along with a tiny waist make you one hot mama! This is the body type I know best, as I am an hourglass…that said, it does not come with some challenge but who doesn’t have challenges in dressing?! There are times, where I need to downplay the va-va-va-voom, usually business related, so I will offer some tips in downplaying those curves.

Think you are hourglass? Do you have…
• Full hips and your full bust-line are the same width?
• Defined waist or tiny waist?
• When you gain weight, the fat usually stores evenly throughout your well-proportional curves?
• And your waist should be 8″ to 12″ smaller than your hip and bust.

It is also fair to say, you don’t have to be well endowed to be an hourglass- your body will fit the hourglass dimensions. Yes we all come in different sizes – you can be a skinny, average or curvy hourglass.

How to dress your sex pot body…

• Highlight that tiny waist. Wearing anything that wraps around the smallest part of your waist, this draws attention to this body part can really bring out your perfect proportions
• Skirts! Full circle, tulip, A-line, and pencil skirts flatter because they make your waist even smaller
• You were made for dresses. Wear them as often as you can! Wrap dresses were made for you, as well as most A-line cuts. The skater dresses look great too and just as fabulous in figure hugging sheath dresses and waist defining shirt dresses
• Stick to tailored jackets (preferably with a single breast if you are well endowed) and defined V-necklines
• Wearing your jackets unbuttoned looks slimming and elongating
• A dark colored belt wrapped around the narrowest part of your waist
• Soft fabrics such as knits and drapey silks as well as fabric with a bit of stretch, to really accentuate and complement (flow with) your curves
• V-necks and other deep necklines are great. Your curvy Hourglass body shape needs this slimming neckline- if you got a larger chest
• Scoop neck, Sweetheart and even Bustier tops look best
• If you wear a high neckline pair with long pendant necklace and oblong/V-shaped pendants and earrings
• Bootcut, flare, or even wide leg jeans and pants – they look universally flattering . A slightly flared cut will also help balance out your curves. In general pants that are flat-front, with mid-rise and wide waist-band work best
• Keep walk shorts straight from the thigh down and knee-length, and avoid lengths shorter than this unless you have great gams and youth on your side
• Fabric with a bit of stretch for comfort and a flattering look on your curves
• Go nude! For your heels anyway, in similar as your skintone with cone heel or wedge heel and peep toes look sharp

• Avoid anything boxy such as a straight skirt style as well as overly stiff fabrics
• If you’re well endowed, it’s best to avoid high necklines because the bust needs room and your body type looks best with a lengthened neck
• If you have a muffin top and don’t dare to wear anything fitted around the waist, wear clothes that skim past the area and make sure you add some interest on top and bottom to make your waist look thinner.
• De-emphasize your curvy hips (which often come with an Hourglass body shape), look for tops that extend right on your hipbone. This will help skim over the curves and make you look thinner.
• Avoid shapeless dresses
• Empire waistlines, which generally are flattering can look like they are chocking you if you have a fuller bust
• Skinny jeans caution- go for high waisted to avoid muffin tops and an A-line top or tunic with the skinnys look flattering on you without creating a too-curvy, stubby body frame.

Downplaying your Marilyn Bod = Surrender the waistline
Need to downplay your outer sex kitten? Seeking a more demure look? If you like the look of voluminous tunics and dresses, you’ll be able to wear certain very specific styles. If they’re gently A-line in silhouette, structured in the shoulders with a scooped neckline, fairly short in length, and in soft drapy fabrics, chances are high that they will work.
A word of warning though: voluminous silhouettes can look wide from the side even when they are cut well. Obviously, you’ll look narrower in a waist defining silhouette, there are times when you want to look more carefree and it’s liberating to surrender the waistline from time to time. And when you do, you’ll simply draw attention to other parts of lovely you.



Baby Got Back! Dressing Pear Shaped Beauties


Baby Got Back! My pear shaped princesses, embrace your tiny waist and slender arms and stop worrying about your thighs and butt! Yes, women with this body shape tend to be larger on their bottom half, with larger thighs and hips but your narrow top half, often with a slim neck and narrow shoulders, make you look elegant. Accentuate the positives and stop worrying about your perceived flaws.

The key to dressing this body type is to strike the right balance. It’s important to try to keep bulk off of your bottom half, while accentuating your smaller top half, drawing the eye upward. The devil is in the details my friends….focus on those details!

• Shirts with V-neck or scoop neck. These help to broaden shoulders and create the balance
• Highlight your tiny waist
• Look for some tops or jackets with fun and flirty puffed sleeves. Shirts that draw attention to the face are welcome. Look for buttons or ties at the neck that will draw eyes upwards.
• Top off your shirt with a blazer.- Try to find one with puffed sleeves to balance out your shoulders in proportion to your hips
• Belt is baby! Show off that waist
• Loose Trousers/Jeans- Slight flare or bootcuts are best
• Look for skirts that aren’t snug on your trouble areas.
• A-line skirts have a nice flow and just skim over your hips.
• Fabrics that are flow or drape nicely over your hips and thighs are much more flattering than stiff fabrics.
• Fun high heels
Do not wear the skinny and slim fit jeans. It will make the thighs and hips look bigger as it really sticks to your body and makes the shape more pronounced
• Longer tops and tunics can be teamed up with leggings or tighter bottoms to hide the wide hips and thighs

• Nothing tight- super tight clothes make you look larger than you actually are
• Don’t bury yourself in baggy tops, especially plus-sized women
• Avoid wearing a blazer that hits the widest point of your hips. Find one that hits slightly above or at waist level
• Do not wear the skinny and slim fit jeans. It will make the thighs and hips look bigger as it really sticks to your body and makes the shape more pronounced- unless paired with a tunic or longer top
• Don’t overdo it, but an eye-catching necklace with your v-neck tee or dangly earrings
• Avoid bulk on your bottom half
• Steer clear of pants and skirts that are tight.
• Trousers that are tapered will only make your hips look larger
• Avoid shoes with ankle straps or t-strap styles, which can make your legs look larger


pear 2



Baby Skin Review


There’s plenty of buzz around this product, I got the last one off the shelf at local drug store. I was excited to try it and I have used for over a week now.

I have extremely oily skin, which is why I really don’t have wrinkles but I am forever in search of a good primer and foundation that will control my oil for longer than 3 hours…believe me, I tried it all and have used everything from $50-60 primers and foundations to bargain drugstore brands. Just when I find as something that works, it gets discontinued, it is beyond frustrating.

I had great hope for this product, it was $6.99 on sale, the price could not be beat. I ran out of my Benefit Porefessional and heard this was a dupe, and bonus…it was under $10! Sold!

It has a greasier consistency than BPF and goes on a little like Vaseline. So straight off, I had concerns about looking too slick. I tried putting it on, immediately applying foundation- it did ‘blur pores’ but got greasy within an hour, then tried applying about 5 mins before foundation, allowing it to set- still greasy within an hour and 1/2…better but still not great.

Sad to say, it is too greasy for my skin type. Maybe they will come out with an oily skin formula, who knows! I suspect the hype is coming from normal to dry skin types, so if you have those types of skin, I would say give it a try- you only will lose $7.00 if it doesn’t work. It’s a D for me. If it worked for you, leave your comments, I’d love to hear them!

Wet n’ WOW Nail Swatches

I am officially changing the name of #Wetnwildcosmetics to “Wet n’ WOW”! I am so pleasantly shocked by the Wet n’ Wild items I have tried, AND LOVED! Have I been living under a rock? Has it always been good?  I guess I always passed it by because it is the least expensive, and mistakenly assumed it was less quality. I can’t speak to the whole line but the foundation and the nail polish is fantastic and what an amazing value for your dollar.

I bought a few similar colors from both lines #MegaLast and  #WildShine to test them out, I prefer the Mega Last over the Wild Shine because of the slightly thicker consistency and the mani-curve pro brush but both are great. Formulas are smooth, they go on easily, while the WS was more opaque, both were color saturated with 2 coats.

MegaLast Colors
204B Private Viewing (nude)
218A I Need a Refresh Mint (mint)
211B Club Havana ( orange)
208B Through the Grapevine (purple)

402 Tickled Pink (pink)
443D Bijou Blue (blue)
405 Sunny Side Up (orange)
426AB Frosted Fuschia (hot pink)




In comparison to my usual favs- Zoya, Essie, OPI and China Glaze….very close in quality and for $2.49 for Mega Last and $1.99 Wild Shine, value per dollar is HUGE! I rate them solid A!

OOTT Spring Transition inspired

Transitioning from winter to spring is much easier when you live in more “seasonable” climates…not so much here in frigid Canada! But I can still hope! In the meantime, I am squirreling away transition pieces for when the temps allow it. As always, I endeavor to shows as many pieces from affordable stores. When buying clothes from more value-priced stores, remember good fit and fabrics are key to avoid looking “cheap”.  No poly blends! Try to mix with more luxe items to bump up style quotient- check out my business casual outfit of the day!

Shirt- #Suzy Shier
Pants- #Suzy Shier
Shoes- #Steve Madden
Oversize Clutch- #Juicy Couture
Earrings- #Suzy Shier
Ring- #Banana Republic
Watch- #michaelkors






Organix Awapuhi Ginger Review

It does smell aaaaahhhhmaazzing! And that initial sniff in the store gets me every time! I wanted to love this product, it’s creamy and smells like…Maui but it’s all sniff…no soft. I have used it twice now, while it contains keratin and supposed to repair and strengthen dry, coarse hair…it left my hair smelling great but more coarse than before when wet. I like my hair to feel silky after conditioning and this just didn’t do it. I will try it once more in a couple days, just to give it one more shot. But for now, it’s a C- in my books. #organix, #hair, #awaphuiginger