5 Sec miracle blur product review

This new ‘primer’ from Garnier is comparable to Loreal’s Miracle Blur. I like that is a somewhat creamy silicone based consistency, but it is far too greasy for my T-zone. I like to use this product on my cheeks and under eyes, as it does have a slight shimmering quality. If you have dry skin or fine lines, I think this would be great, for me the product is just OK. The price at $10 for 30 ml is fantastic though. 3/5 stars for this one.


OOTD Casual n cool spring look

Need casual clothes inspiration? Looking effortless requires some forethought but easy enough to achieve with standard pieces and a little imagination!  Jeans and sweater combo gets a punch with coordinating glasses, novelty necklace and fun fringe bag adding interest to a ho-hum outfit otherwise.

Sweater- #Marshall’s
Jeans- #Rachelroy- #hudsonsbay
Sunglasses- #aldo
Bag- #stevemadden
Necklace- #ardene
Wedges- #fergie- # Hudsonbay






3 Everyday Household Products with Great Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil, Lemon Juice and Baking Soda…oh my! Three fantastic beauty treatments to try.

Full disclosure, I am not one of those people who is all organic and holistic; in fact I am more likely to buy the best product- period. Sulfates n’ all. Of course, I try to keep up with the latest studies on what we should all stay away from, I always look up the initial research- don’t take the website’s advice verbatim. I try to make an informed decision but honestly life is too short to live in fear of getting disease from your shampoo.

Maybe it is because I work with cancer patients, everyday…and it can happen to anybody- from a 2 year old “healthy” child to a holistic, all organic eating, marathon runners to 2 pack a day smokers- cancer knows no bounds and it just happens sometimes. It’s brutal, but true.

So live your life, try to be healthy in your approach to life as often as you can but LIVE your life- no one is promised tomorrow- and if that means beauty products with perfumes and dyes so be it…if it makes you feel and look good great…and if you reduce risks elsewhere in life, it all balances out. Yes, we should all minimize whatever risks we can to be healthy, but I take a more pragmatic approach and that means- what works best, what’s affordable and if it happens to be natural, holistic or organic- sans parabens…yey!

Whew! All that said here’s 3 products you may have in your kitchen that can be used to replace or supplement your existing beauty regimen, they are cheap, fab and natural!

Organic Coconut Oil- I use this for everything! From eye make-up removal, hot oil hair treatment, instead of body lotion, lip balm for my 6 year old who has a fear of “burning lippy” and the list goes on and on…I keep one jar in bathroom for beauty applications and one in the kitchen for baking and air-popped popcorn with sea salt.


Lemon Juice- mix equal parts lemon juice and water and use as a toner and/or exfoliant , it also minimizes age spots and scars.


Baking Soda- exfoliant- 3 parts BS to 1 part water- mix into paste for a cleansing scrub or use 1/2 cup in a hot bath- add some essential oils for scent, when you get out your body will be silky smooth.


And for extra bonus points, while I have never personally tried it, I have seen a recipe for whitening toothpaste and it is equal parts- coconut oil, lemon and baking soda! Who knew?

Give these a try, you might save a few dollars and save enough to buy all that organic fruit! 😉

Dress like a Man…a Gentleman

Women love a well-dressed man, a gentleman. A gentleman is smooth, impeccable manners, polite, intelligent, witty, talented, modest, well dressed, well groomed, and culturally aware. Does that sound like you?

No? Want to cultivate that? Stick with me; I’ve got some ideas to help you accelerate all the way to gentlemen status! OK, let’s assume you have great manners, are exceedingly intelligent, talented etc… but struggle to achieve that sleek and sophisticated, “well dressed” look.

But what does “well dressed” mean? Well, it is most certainly a subjective term and the modern interpretation of style-even in most corporate settings, it is a looser interpretation of old style standards. It can be awfully confusing to some. Learning to dress casual yet distinguished takes a little work but by building a wardrobe that is interchangeable it is relatively easy to do with the right guidance.

First of all, you could be wearing $5000 Hugo Boss suit and if you are un-groomed- you will throw the whole look off. You do not need to go full metro to look good. But please, if you have a beard- GROOM it. Uni-brow, ear or nose hair? Tweeze or have a professional wax or thread them. No one wants to see that.

Get the right haircut, for you face shape- generally speaking the easiest way to look sleek is a short, tidy, modern cut will give the impression that you mean business. Some of you can venture into more artistic interpretations for your hair, but most of you, please, keep it simple.

Let’s take a closer look at your existing closet. Be honest about your life- what do you need day to day? Business? Business casual? Or just some weekend/casual clothes because you wear a uniform all day. Conduct a needs assessment.

I think the most common scenario of the ill-dressed is….you work in a corporate setting and need to dress up every day but only have 2 poorly fitting button ups and 1 pair of dress pants because “you don’t care what you wear to work”. You have a closet full of t shirts and jeans from your University days, that you live in non-work hours. Are you in your 30’s now? Time to grown up and dress like a man. Be brutal and get rid of it. And invest in comfortable modern clothes that you live the majority of your life in.

Generally speaking Toss/Thrift Shop it if  

  • doesn’t fit (and can’t be tailored)
  • has holes in it (aside form distressed jeans bought that way)
  • stains
  • has tags on it and has been in your closet for over a year unworn

Now that you have cleared your plate you are ready to shop! First rule of dressing well- Know thy rules…so you know what rules can be broken. Those of you blessed with a fat wallet, finding great style is relatively easy. For everyone else, we have to work a little harder to find it at more affordable stores. Good style has no price point, but at affordable stores you need to pay particular attention over all look of the piece- the style- and to FIT and FABRIC. Nothing says cheap quite like a poly-blend sweater.

Only buy clothes that are interchangeable….an interchangeable wardrobe is one with fewer specific pieces, but many possible clothing combinations. Look at what’s in your closet and purchase things to bridge the gap between your current wardrobe and your desired wardrobe.

You will need to start with a few building blocks of good style, every man should consider owning for purposes of interchangeability:

  • A dark suit, navy or charcoal. Find the right suit for you and learn to love it. You don’t have to go ultra-tight, European fit but a proper fitting suit looks amazing. Feeling comfortable in a suit is the first step toward feeling comfortable as a gentleman.  If money is no object- Armani and Hugo Boss cuts amazing suits or get a suit custom-made just for you, if you can afford it.
  • Jeans- dark and slim fit is most modern and can be dressed up or down
  • A sport jacket– Tweed/wool for fall/winter and linen/linen blend for spring/summer
  • Five solid or small-patterned light-colored button-down shirts– Here’s where you can express some individual flair in some patterns in shirts. You could wear it with a suit for the most formal business setting imaginable, or you could wear it with jeans. It’ll work for pretty much everything in between, too. Now that’s versatility.
  • Thin knit- solid-colored sweater. Key layering item. Goes with everything.
  • Two pairs (at least) of flat front dress pants. Grey flannel, tan, medium-grey wool, or khaki. A pair of well-fitted chinos or cords is a third option – but these are more casual, so make sure they suit your needs.
  • Two pairs of dress shoes. Walk the walk in the right shoes. When it comes to shoes, splurge on a top-quality pair of wingtips or oxfords Pick your style (brogues, work shoes, dress boots, loafers, saddle shoes, etc.), but have ‘em. This is how you dress up jeans, or dress down nicer outfits. 
  • Accessories- amp up your style. By the BEST quality watch you can afford. Pick up funky colored socks, bold patterned ties (try a bow tie!) and pocket squares. Unique cuff links look great; just try to authentic and congruent to your overall look.

Splurge on quality suits, belts, shoes, pants and watches- save on dress shirt, t-shirts and some pants.

How do you put it all together? Think about a completely neutral, ordinary outfit for a casual man: dark, fitted jeans and a white (or lightly patterned) dress shirt tucked in. But no man’s going to leave the house wearing just those two items. Turns out those choices make a lot of difference. The same jeans and shirt are going to look very different paired with a broad brown belt and brown desert boots than they would with black brogues, a slim black dress belt with a silver buckle, and a silver watch. One outfit is rugged the other is sleek and urban. That’s the power of accent pieces.

You now are on your way to dressing like a gentleman!


Stay Matte…I think I love you 💋

My quest to control oil continues…I have been on the fence about trying Hourglass Immaculate Mattifying Foundation, $65.00 is a lot to spend on foundation, so I had my eye on the #Rimmellondon new line. They recently released Stay Matte line in Canada and after humming and hawing for awhile now, I finally decided to give it a try.


Run, do not walk, to your local drug store and pick it up if you struggle to “stay matte”. Warning, this is a full coverage, whipped foundation, so all you “BB cream only” ladies might find this formulation to be too thick. I used the whole line- primer (white and creamy), foundation and powder. All I can say is, (slow clap) bravo! My only concern is shade availability, I have a med to olive complexion, I got the darkest available color and it’s the dead of winter, I do worry about finding a darker color come mid summer, maybe it was that particular store’s order but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

I was oil free today 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. That truly NEVER happens. It does take some work to blend, I used a stipple brush and a beauty blender, but what amazing results. Thank you #Rimmellondon.