Epic #Drugstore #Foundation Battle!


In my never ending quest to find a long wearing med – full coverage, mattifing foundation, from the drugstore that does not break the bank, has been challenging to say the least. I gathered 4 top drugstore brands and went head to head in a one month period to see who would come out on top.

I have conducted my own, unscientific experiment to find the best drugstore makeup for oily complexions. I have tested each foundation for 1 week duration over the last month with varying degrees of success.

Keeping my skincare routine the same, using the same primer (L’Orรฉal Magic Perfector), same powder, etc…I controlled what I could to make it as fair as possible. 

OK the good, the bad and the ulgy….

Good- Stay Matte Rimmel- this has been my holy grail makeup for almost a year now. Long lasting coverage, controls oil for 4 hours, and does not oxidize. Better than my favorites – Double Wear- Estee Lauder or even Hourglass liquid powder foundation.

Good-ish- L’Orรฉal True Match – an oldie fav, love coverage, love colour, but not matte more dewy.

Bad- NYX- I hate to say it but NYX invincible…meh. It looked going on but shiny in 45 mins, colour remained true and coverage was buildable. Not my favourite.

Ugly- Cover Girl- it pains me to say this but…hey Katy Perry, this foundation is as ulgy as your heinous outfit in the commercial….seriously, who dressed you in that and said it looked good? Call me gorgeous and I will help you look GOOD! Anyway, the foundation was greasy, oxidized orange and lasted 20 mins. Real ugly.

And that’s it.

Lighten Up; Wear White!


Wearing white is on trend for spring, especially in heavier fabrics, like that shown on Dior runways. I picked up this awesome blazer at Zara and had to have it. The fabric and slight puffed shoulder works for my curvy body type by balencing out my line and the cute sheer floral tshirt ties the shoes and bag into the outfit. I layered necklaces, also on trend for spring.

Wearing white can be tricky, if you are accident prone but it looks great, especially on brunettes due to the contrast. Don’t let that get in the way of you looking fab, just bring a Tide Pen with you!

Blazer- Zara
Shirt- Joe Fresh
Jeans- Rachel Roy
Shoes – Aldo
Clutch- Juicy Couture
Jewelry- Forever21

#goldenglobes 5 best dressed!


Meow ladies! They were lookin’ hot! So many to choose from but the above ladies sole the show, and E News agrees with me!

1. NAOMI-  OMG, the buttery yellow is a fab colour for her and her matte red lips really helped to pop her baby blues. So beautiful!
2. KATE H- Is it just me or does she look the best EVER? Her Versace is painted on and when Jennifer Aniston feels you up on live tv…Damn girl, you look good. 
3. KATE B- Does she age? Seriously…always a stunner.
4. DIANE- So elegant, she oozes class and style
5. ALLISON- this lovely young thing is one to watch, she has chops. Love the red, not so class ball gown.

And special mention to my girl crush Sienna Miller….love her.

Snuggle up in a Sweater #ootd


Keeping warm is exceptionally hard here, warm and stylish…even harder. Think layers- soft cotton based dress and snuggle in a sweater!

Cute Dress – forever21โœ”
Cozy Sweater – winners โœ”
Boots –  lolashoetique โœ”
Tights (depends on your weather) โœ”
Pendant- * Xmas gift
Rings- Suzy Shier

Stay warm! 🐧