Day wear for #Mexico


Loving this casual look for day wear. Since I turned 40, I now get heat rash (ahh aging, the gift that keeps on giving) and sometimes require more coverage, so here’s what I pulled together.

Shirt- #jcrew
Shorts- #oldnavy
Necklace- #ardene
Hat- #winners

Pants in #Paradise!


You need to be prepared for a fashion emergency- like “Eeekkk it’s cold tonight” while in the tropics…a cool breeze can roll in off the ocean at night so I always pack at least 1 outfit for those nights.

This is a lightly layered look- so you can take the kimono top with you and when it cools off pop it on. I like the all white contrast with the black and floral top, pop of pink in the bag and gold shoes and accessories ties the look together.

Shirt & Kimono- #ardene
Jeans- #H&M
Bag- #katespade

Come play at the #beach! πŸ‘™


I rarely need day wear so to speak when I am on a beach vacation because I spend most if my time in the water or laying next to it in a bikini.

Now my days of bikini modelling are LONG gone, I am a regular Mom with cellulite and a c-section scar, but I focus on what I can control- cute cover ups and flattering bikini- and still look fab at the beach!

I found both of these at #Winners, it can be hit or miss with swimwear, sometimes you luck out and I did! Now I will share a secret for the best looking posterior- it’s called a pucker or scrunch butt bottom. While I’ve got more booty than I need, it makes it look way rounder and higher- yey! Even works for smaller backsides.

Bikini- Seekers
Cover up- Miken Swim
Sandals and earrings- Ardene

If you can’t find a bottom with thus awesome feature, you can DIY it, all you need is strong thread, needle, white chalk and a straight edge:

1. You start by finding the middle on the back part of the gusset (panty liner area) draw a straight line with chack from gusset to top of back. 2. Loop the thread through a couple times to make sure it holds, then simply weave the thread in and out until you reach top
3. Now scrunch to your liking- some prefer a tight scrunch I go medium
4. Loop it around the top a couple times to make sure ot holds


5th Ave Shopping 🍹 Playa Del Carmen Style


Shopping on #5thAve in #playadelcarmen is so fun! If you have never been, there’s high end designer stores next to a store that sells 1000’s of straw hats- so random, I love it! There’s people watching, the eclectic mix of vendors , restaurants, beach, and bars- the whole thing! 

Dressing comfortable but stylish is easy- flat sandals, cute sundress and a cute oversized tote for all your purchases.

Dress- #jorge
Tote- #tedbaker
Necklace- #aldoaccessories

🌴 Spring Beach Vacation 😎 #OOTD


It’s an understatement to say I am excited about my upcoming trip to #Mexico….I am dying to get out of here and lay on the beach, swim in ocean, casually stroll through streets of #playadelcarmen, sip margaritas by the pool and just relax. 16 days and counting.

Part of the fun for me planning vacations is planning the outfits, here’s a casual day look:

Shirt- #acemi
Jean shorts- #oldnavy
Purse and bag- #ralphlauren
Hat and Earrings- #ardene

Soooooooo pumped! More looks this weekend! 🍹