Summer Ready! πŸ‘’

Nothing says Summer like a straw boater hat! This loose n’ floral dress is sweet and oh so comfy.

This look is very reminiscent to what I would have worn in 90’s. I like to be inspired by looks from the past but don’t want to a) dated- look like I never left the decade b) still dress like a woman in my 40’s not a teenager.

By using a structured bag and classic wedge sandals it matures the look and strikes a balance between the youthfulness of dress and hat.


  • Dress- #Siennasky
  • Bag- #ralphlauren
  • Shoes- #gianna
  • Hat/earrings- #ardene

Bikinis n’ Body Issues for Moms πŸ‘™

“I’m not a regular Mom. I’m a cool Mom”. Regina George’s Mom

πŸ˜‰ Just kidding, I am a regular Mom- with the usual imperfections- cellulite, stretch marks, etc..that inevitably follow birthing a child. But who cares! Nobody is perfect, I’m not beating myself up because I do not look like a super model- neither should you.

When you create a stylish look, that fits well, and flatters your figure- there’s no need for a muumuu, “momkini” (wtf is that anyway??) or giant diaper sized bottoms- by trying hide (weight, scars, cellulite, stretch marks- whatever you believe to be your “flaws” to be) behind large clothes, it looks worse. It doesn’t fool anyone.

I gravitate towards swimwear that flatters hourglass figures; like high waisted styles, this one has underwire- bonus! Or with ruffle embellishments on hips- to draw the eye, or solid bottoms with a contrasting top, brings focus to top- all of these flatter my body type. Remember you need to size up in swimwear- I am a 34 DD so tops are a tough to find for me, so it means trying lots of stuff on.


  • Body Glove
  • Reef
  • Shekini

There’s no hiding at the pool/beach, why bother? I am no size 0 and have lots of imperfections but I play to my shape, wear current styles, get a spray tan, ensure my skin is smooth, wear cute sunglasses and then grab a margarita 😎 and enjoy the sun….you can do it too! You are beautiful- find a good bathing suit store than will help you with fit and stop beating yourself up. Enjoy the sun! β˜€οΈ

Vacay Days 😎

How I LOVE vacay outfits!! Planning my vacation outfits is one of my favourite parts of the vacation.

I gravitate towards the casual yet totally pulled together looks while on vacation; I also like to be a little extra on vacation. 😁 Dressing feels fun and fresh on vacay.

This will be a casual evening look. Las Vegas can be a little cool at night in April so I am layering this cute striped dress with a long denim shirt/dress. A cute straw hat pulls the outfit together. And simple flat sandals and cute bag complete the look. Only 4 more sleeps and we are off to enjoy the sun β˜€οΈ

Outfit details-

  • Dress- Old Navy
  • Shirt- Guess
  • Sandals- Blowfish
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren

Kimono Over

Kimonos aren’t new…been around for ages but it still a super chic way to dress up a basic outfit. This simple white tee and jean skirt is dressed up with this yellow floral kimono.

The light fabric billows a little when you walk which makes this slightly sexy as well. Adding layers to your outfit. Adding layers to your outfits creates visual interest and amps up style. This jean skirt is the perfect length for me, hits just above the knee which is age appropriate.

  • Kimono- Nordstrom Rack
  • Skirt and top- Old Navy
  • Shoes- Sugar- Winners
  • Bag- Karl Lagerfield- Tbe Bay

Yellow is Biggest Colour for Spring 2019

Yellow is in- very in! During New York Fashion week it was easy to see the color yellow was EVERYWHERE on spring 2019 runways– this is where trends start. Take heed and give yellow a try.

There’s a distinction between being overtly “trendy” vs keeping your look fresh by adopting some trends that work for you. And yellow- is a great colour that works for everyone. Yellow shades look great in all shades from bright and bold to muted- pick one that brightens your complexion is the key to making it work for you.

This floral mustard midi dress is perfect for brunettes like me. It provides a nice contrast with my hair and brightens my olive complexion. It is paired with simple 90’s inspired sandals with lucite heels and squared toe and cross body bag.

Dress- re.named- Winners

Shoes- Calvin Klein- Winners

Bag- Marc Jacobs- Holt Renfrew

I’m back baby! Casually Graphic Spring Look

After a long hiatus in fashion blogging, I am back! I missed the creativity and expression through fashion and the creative writing is what I truly love about blogging most. I am dedicated to showcasing affordable looks that are age appropriate- I love sharing my personal style to hopefully inspire you to find yours!Happy to be back 😊

Let’s get to it! Pairing a fun graphic tee tied off centre at the waist to help define waistline with a cotton blend floral pencil skirt is casual, fun, pulled together and comfortable. If a little chilly a jean jacket works great with this as a completer piece.

Let’s talk shoes- I have struggled to transition to wearing mostly flats…the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be. Lol! I used to wear heels EVERYDAY but my back can no longer tolerate that. So if I am standing or walking around- flats it is! But luckily there are amazing options in flats, sandals, and sneakers- so stay tuned for some fun looks with those.

  • Shirt- PST- Nordstrom Rack
  • Skirt- Philosophy- Nordstrom Rack
  • Sandals- Blowfish- Shoe Warehouse
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren The Bay

Flip Floppin’ into Summer πŸ˜Ž

To flip flop or not to flip flop- that is the question? The answer is undoubtedly YES. Some argue, they are not appropriate footwear for anything other than the beach- I disagree, as long as it’s a casual environment, as long as they are clean and in good repair- flip flop to your hearts content! Flip flops are summer essentials and these are super cute Kate Spade ones are appropriate with this casual summer look.

Just please- not to a upscale restaurant, night club, wedding, christening, or any other semi formal and up event.


  • Top- Passport
  • Jeans- Jcrew
  • Flip Flops- Kate Spade
  • Bag- Ralph Lauren

Who wears Short Shorts?!

What says “summer” more than a pair of cutoff denim shorts? The options in creating a cool casual look in cutoffs endless! A simple tshirt and cutoffs are cute but I adore dressing them up abit and having fun with sight lines of short shorts and longer top.

Here’s a few pintrest outfits I love that are completely chic yet casual. I prefer a slightly longer short but the overall look is easy to pull together even likely from your existing wardrobe- Jean shorts, heels tank/tshirt, necklace and complete piece- kimono or blazer. Stay cool 😎

Floral meets Stripes

I love combining patterns- stripes and florals has been done to death but it’s my favourite goto combo. This navy outfit is classic yet contemporary- I plan to wear it to work. Keeping the background the same colour with only a pop of gold in shoes and bag- it allows the outfit to flow and go together.


Pants- jules&leopold

Shirt- #faith&joy

Shoes- #townshoes

Bag- #ralphlauren

Spring has finally SPRUNG!Β 

It almost passed us by but spring is finally here…just in time for summer! Time to finally bust out the spring clothes. I love cotton clothes, while they can be a tad finicky with wrinkles, shrinkage and little to no give- they are the most breathable and comfy fabric when the heat is on. This pairing of a cotton Eyelet shirt and pinstripe chambray skirt are perfect together; I imagine picnics by a large oak tree in this cute outfit. It’s a great combo for spring 🐣